Problem Solving and the Road to Educational Success

Many students lack formal training in problem solving which can put them at a disadvantage for developing critical thinking skills and cognitive skills. International Consulting & Trade Associates, Inc. (IC&TA) aims to improve cognitive ability and critical thinking by teaching students problem solving techniques.

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Addressing Educational Concerns with Problem Solving

Critical thinking skills may be some of the most undervalued skills in today’s educational environment. With so much pressure placed on achieving high annual testing scores, many teachers are tempted to utilize memorization and “teaching to the test” practices. Unfortunately, this is a disservice to students who miss opportunities to perfect the problem solving process and critical thinking skills – which are far more important in later life than rote memorization.

I find that FIE instruments speak to a different part of a student’s education, that is the “under the hood” part. They have developed my students’ understanding of their own thinking, which is liberating for students who generally think only in terms of “stupid” or “smart.”
M. W.TeacherVirginia

IC&TA utilizes the Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Program (FIE), to help parents, educators and school administrators teach students the art of problem solving. We welcome:

  • Teachers and parents of special-education, typically-developing, and gifted students
  • School Principals and Superintendents
  • Educational consultants and educational reformers
  • Curriculum specialists interested in a Cognitive Emphasis and Problem-solving in learning
  • Policy-makers at the local, state, and national levels, including boards of education
  • Parent-Teacher organizations
  • Psychologists, social workers, and guidance counselors
  • Teacher educators interested in the cognitive dimensions of learning
  • Teacher Unions
  • Business Leaders
  • Citizens interested in School Improvement

For more information, please contact Selma Schein, Director for IC&TA, or Dr. David S. Martin, Director of Training and Research for IC&TA.