How Do We Start Training and Implementation?

IC&TA, Inc. will organize On-site Training Sessions for school administrators, teachers, parents, and associated educators at times and places to fit individual needs. The training for each level of each program (Basic and Standard) requires 5 full days, which may be distributed in more than one segment.  IC&TA, Inc. also provides Follow-up Assistance throughout the initial implementation phase for each level. Assistance may be in the form of consultation, observation of teachers with feedback, co-teaching, demonstration teaching, and group meetings.  Training and materials fees will be arranged for each training project.

As a separate means of assisting individuals or groups with deciding to initiate the program, IC&TA, Inc. will provide No-cost Awareness Seminars. The purpose of Awareness Seminars is to introduce potential trainees and schools to the theoretical background of the Instrumental Enrichment Program and samples of the teacher and student experiences. This experience will help to develop a clear understanding of the important commitment needed to implement the program with learners of any age.

To arrange training and implementation or ask any questions, please contact Selma Schein, Director of IC&TA, Inc. at ischein123@cs.com or call 786-514-1871 (Eastern Time) or Dr.David S.Martin, Director of Training and Research for IC&TA at davidchina_2000@yahoo.com or call 508-527-0460(Eastern Time).