Connecticut House Bill # 6723

An Act Concerning the Prevention of Childhood Lead Poisoning/Educational Intervention/ A Solution for Children Affected by Lead Poisoning

Dear Colleagues and Friends:

On March 14, 2007, a Legislative Informational Forum on House Bill # 6723: “An Act Concerning The Prevention Of Childhood Lead Poisoning”, was held at the Connecticut State Capitol in Hartford, Connecticut (CT.) The entire five hour session was video-taped by Connecticut Public Television. CT. state legislative leaders were present at the session. In addition, federal and state agencies sent experts to speak. Many non-profit community health and education agencies were also present in support of this bill.

Connecticut Public Television (CT-N), presented significant segments of the video on cable television during July & August, 2007, and placed the entire five hour session on its website for public viewing. What makes this session unique is the fact that an “education intervention program” was introduced and was taped within the five hour presentation. Rarely does legislation of this type, no only present the awareness functions, but also offer a solution.

Fast forward 4 ½ hours to the final 30 minutes of the presentation. The final 25-30 minutes relate directly to the educational intervention solution. Dr. Vivian Cross introduced by Mr. Leo Canty, Moderator

Further Explanations:
Bill # 6723 was incorporated into Bill # 8002 in June, 2007 and was passed by the Connecticut General Assembly. The State of CT. had the foresight to develop strategies to protect Connecticut’s children from developing cognitive deficiencies and or even death. This awareness and prevention was passed prior to the recent recall by Mattel of over one million toys coated with lead paint produced in China.

This company which once manufactured all its “toys” in the USA now subcontracts to have its products manufactured in the People’s Republic of China. Globally, Mattel has recalled 19 million toys to date which were manufactured in China. This of course, is a potential disaster to families and children, world-wide.

The Legislative Information Hearing held March 14, 2007, obtained support from the CT. House and Senate. The forum sponsors came from the US Department of Health and Human Services, Center for Disease Control, CT. Dep’t of Public Health, CT. Dep’t. Of Education, Commission on Children, African American Affairs Commission, and Foundation for Educational Advancement, Inc. and the CT. Health Foundation, etc.

Dr. Vivian Cross was not only an organizer of this forum, but also brought a Solution for children affected by cognitive deficiencies due to lead poisoning. She introduced Feuerstein’s effective model: (FIE –Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment) as a crucial part of the cognitive intervention needed to address educational, social, and developmental needs of children identified as “impaired due to lead poisoning” and other causes as part of the Educating of Educators and Health Education Lead Poisoning Initiative.

Dr. Cross was the organizer of the Educational Component of the Legislative Information Forum. The educational component consisted of CT. educators and students who spoke about the positive results of FIE Cognitive Educational program, which was developed in Israel and is used world-wide. The program is published in 18 different languages.

Additional Notes of the Educational Component:

1. Dr. Vivian Cross: Executive Director of the Foundation for Educational Advancement, Inc.
2. Participants Who Presented at the Educating of Educators Panel:
A Leo Canty- Moderator; representing health care employees @ University of CT. Medical Center AFT-(American  Federation of Teachers)
B. Dr. Vivian Cross, Chair, Executive Director Foundation for Educational Advancement,Inc.
C. Monica Chusid, President, Westport SEPTA (Special Education Parent Teacher Association), Chair: SEPTA  KIDS, After-school program in which FIE is utilized
D. Edwin Vargas, Head Teacher, Hartford Adult School, Hartford Public Schools
E. Donna Lydem, Hartford Public High School, Supervisor/Teacher, Special Education, completing her doctoral  dissertation relating to FIE
F. Students from Ben Bronz Academy, West Hartford, CT., where FIE has been used successfully for over 20 years
G. Dr. Ian Spence, Director, Ben Bronz Academy
3. Dr. Reuven Feuerstein, developer of the FIE program, an eminent cognitive psychologist; known for his groundbreaking research in cognitive mediation and practice. Founder- ICELP (International Center for the Enhancement of Learning Potential) Jerusalem, Israel website: www.icelp.info
4. The CT. Legislation could be a “model” for state legislatures and the US Congress- especially the Educating of Educators- component:
US Senators from CT. Sen. Joseph Lieberman and Sen. Christopher Dodd brought funding to C T. for a lead safe environment.